I founded Clenova Рa technology startup in data mining and search Рin Nov. 2005. Before  that, I was the Chief Technologist of Procom, and founder of its Candelis subsidiary.

(Here is a link to Clenova’s demo.)

At Procom, since 1996, I was instrumental and in a leadership position in introducing and managing a variety of products and technologies in storage networking – from inception to development to sales. My experience spanned technical management, team-building, marketing, strategic planning, and negotiations.

My main interests are in

-Technical management, market research, strategic planning
-Data mining and pattern recognition
-Applications of Artificial Intelligence in search
-Storage and data management
-File system technology
-Computer science theory

Before Procom, I worked with NCR (Teradata) on performance analysis of very large databases, and with the UCLA Radiology Dept. on implementing image registration algorithms. Before that, I worked as a consultant, implementing relational database systems.

In addition, I have significant experience in the topics below with various, mainly startup, companies:

  • Search technology
  • Implementing active, distributed object repositories
  • Implementing methods for discovering hidden patterns in auction data
  • Implementing algorithms for discovering complex, sequential patterns in very large datasets